Packaging for frozen foods

Frozen semi-finished products now are a huge part of the daily diet of the majority of the population. Nowadays, the packaging for frozen products is no longer just dumplings, as it used to be. Now you can easily find frozen vegetables, berries, meatballs, pancakes and much more on store shelves.

It’s not a secret that packaging for frozen foods must be able to withstand prolonged exposure to low temperatures. Various combinations of multilayer polymer films can be used for such products.

Structure of multilayer polymeric films:








PE film: clear, white.

BOPP film: clear, pearl, matte, white.

Pet film: clear, matte.

The properties of this film provide the following benefits:

  • Gas and moisture barrier properties
  • Puncture resistance
  • Invariability of physical and chemical characteristics at low temperatures
  • Wide temperature range for welds
  • Maintains elasticity and microcrack resistance at low temperatures
  • Easy to open

Laminated polymeric films are used for premium and LUXURY categories of frozen products. For example: shrimps, mussels, expensive sea fish.

In addition to the quality of Itak’s film, one of the most important characteristics is its design. Bright packaging always stands out and attracts customers. Our company’s equipment allows us to transfer both simple and complex images onto packaging.

Ithaca’s sales team will select packaging samples for frozen products and make a calculation according to the requirements for the finished product.

Frozen food packaging is available in the form of film in rolls or ready-made bags at the customer’s choice.