Our services

In addition to purchasing packaging, you can take advantage of the following professional services:

  • Design development – our design bureau can take your most ambitious ideas and turn them into reality, from concept development to layout, helping to create attractive designs for new products as well as updating existing ones.
  • Pre-press preparation – professional adjustment of the layout for flexographic printing and color separation to ensure optimal raster representation on the film and correct color reproduction.
  • Digital color proofing is a very fast and fairly reliable way to ensure that colors will be displayed correctly when printed on a professional inkjet printer.
  • Lamination is the creation of multilayer films to increase durability and achieve optimal properties depending on the intended use.
  • Activation is the treatment of films with corona discharge prior to printing to improve surface properties such as adhesion (ink adhesion) and surface tension.
  • Hot perforation is an optional perforation with hot needles to increase the gas exchange properties of the film without losing the strength of the original material.
  • Flexographic printing – high speed printing of large runs on polymeric film using high speed direct rotary printing technology.   Surface and interlayer printing is performed on flexible films with a maximum width of 1270 mm.
  • Varnishing with matte varnish, including selective varnish, to protect the printed layer from abrasion and to make it look more attractive.
  • Cutting and rewinding of flexible films.
  • Production of packaging in various configurations.