Confectionery products

Confectionery products require a unique approach to packaging film selection.

Packaging for chocolate, candy and bars protects the products well from sunlight and oxygen, preserving the taste and quality of the chocolate.  The candy wrapper has a twist effect, it remembers the twist and therefore does not untwist itself.

Packaging for rolls, muffins, croissants, soufflés and other moisture-rich confectionery products is moisture-proof and prevents products from drying out.

Packaging for waffles, crackers and biscuits (dry and fat products) is moisture resistant and has low gas permeability to prevent the negative effects of air on fats.

For packaging heat-sensitive products, we use Gold Seal’s cold sealing technology, which allows us to avoid the heating elements required for hot sealing.  For cold sealing, we use a food-safe adhesive based on natural latex and synthetic rubber, which provides a strong and impermeable seal.

  • Barrier properties to gas and moisture;
  • Protection of fats from air exposure;
  • Twist effect;
  • Use of cold glue;
  • Weld strength;
  • Good sliding;
  • Easy opening;
  • Attractiveness.
  • PET/PE
  • PET/PETmet/PE
  • BOPP/BOPP gold seal
  • BOPP/BOPPmet
  • PET/BOPP gold seal

PE film: clear, white;
BOPP film: clear, pearl, matte, white;
PET film: clear, matte.