Rotogravure printing is a technology that, due to its high linearity and printing with metal rollers, offers the possibility of uniform ink transfer when working with a wide range of densities and at high speeds. That’s what makes this technology unique for achieving high quality printing.
The advantage of such printing is the possibility of applying printing, Cold seal (cold glue), selective varnishing in one run, and also allows to use printed materials for Retort packaging for sterilization in autoclave.

Full HD Flex – is one of the most advanced technologies that is an alternative to rotogravure printing.  It allows to reproduce high-resolution raster images in combination with significantly improved ink transfer of the platemaking elements, and provides the widest range of tone gradations.  The advanced mechanical properties and precisely defined surface of the raster dots allow to achieve consistently high print quality, including for large print runs.

HD flex + varnish offers high quality flexo printing and gives the package a unique and more expensive design due to the objects highlighted by the varnish.  Selective varnishing emphasizes the selected elements that need to be highlighted in layouts.


«Cold Seal» – Cold seal is an innovative technology that does not use high temperatures in packaging.  This type of technology is used for “Flow-Pack” packaging, as well as packaging of products that should not be exposed to high temperatures.  These are primarily confectionery products made of chocolate or containing chocolate (chocolate bars, large chocolate candies, waffles, chocolate-covered cookies and rolls, glazed cheese).  In most cases, cold seal packaging is used for these products.