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Today, every customer who orders packaging and packaging materials wants to receive as many services as possible from one supplier. This frees up the customer’s resources to focus on their core business. It means saving time, psychological comfort and reducing costs for non-core work. That’s why Itak offers more than just packaging or materials. It offers packaging solutions. This means that the customer gets an effective marketing tool for positioning, promoting their brands and increasing product sales.

The company takes care of all the work on the implementation of the idea in the packaging design, selection of material properties, and creation of packaging. At the same time, all the work of the design bureau, technologists and managers is carried out with a view to cost effectiveness for the client. As a result, the client receives a packaging solution that fully meets its marketing and branding objectives.

The work of the design bureau is divided into two stages: creative development of a packaging concept or product range and pre-press preparation of the final layout.

Our production is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows us to laminate any material composition.

We develop and produce materials of any complexity for any product.

Our company offers a service for cutting and rewinding of materials. High-precision equipment allows us to achieve flawless results and high accuracy in the process. We offer cutting of the entire range of flexible materials of various thicknesses and compositions.

Our company offers ready-made packaging of any configuration and from various materials:

– bags for bread;
– with round bottom;
– doy-pack
– zip-lock bags;
– trapezoidal bags for greens;
– bags for fruit;
– bags for vegetables.

ITAK offers micro and macro perforation services for films with different layouts on the material according to customer requirements. Film perforation is necessary for food preservation, especially for bakery products. For example, if hot bread is packed in a bag without perforation, it will arrive at the point of sale wet with condensation. Perforation is therefore essential to ensure that the quality of the product is maintained.

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