Quality control system

The quality of our products is one of the main reasons for our successful and long-term relationships with our customers.

Our company has a testing laboratory to measure the physical and mechanical properties of flexible materials and the quality of the packaging we produce in accordance with the state standards of Ukraine and the requirements of our customers.

Control of finished products is carried out in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation with the registration of the quality passports.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to control various properties of materials and finished products:

  • Tensile testing machine
  • Tester for optimal soldering mode selection
  • Thermal cabinets
  • Electronic scales
  • Micrometers, etc.

The company controls semi-finished products at every stage of the production process:

  • Control of prepress preparation for original layouts
  • Control of films for the production of photopolymer printing plates
  • Control of photopolymer printing plates
  • Control of the production of semi-finished products

The laboratory tests the properties of polymer films by parameters:

  • Determination of organoleptic parameters
  • Thickness and thickness variation
  • Color and light reflection
  • Strength and relative elongation at break
  • Interlayer adhesion
  • Twisting tendency
  • Solderability of films, seam quality and strength
  • Resistance of packaging to aggressive environments