Ready-made packaging

Ready-made bags made of polymeric films and combined materials are suitable for manual and machine packaging of products.

They are used for semi-automatic and manual packaging of food products.  Printed packaging can be produced with flexographic printing in up to ten colors, partial metallization and selective varnishing.

Three-side sealed bag is a flat bag sealed on three sides with a narrow or wide seam.

The package can be provided with combinations of the following options:

  • hanging holes (Euro hanging)
  • tear-off perforation
  • flap with adhesive tape
  • zip-lock

Flow-pack is a bag with a central seam on the back and side folds and a rectangular bottom, which is formed after the bag is filled with product.

Doypack is a strong bag made of several layers of different polymer films, making it light, flexible and durable.

The bag can be supplied with combinations of the following options:

  • handles
  • hanging holes (Euro hanging)
  • zip-lock