Packaging for snack foods

Snack foods are a popular product among people of all ages. Crisps, seeds, muesli, nuts, crackers, dried fruit, instant cereals and noodles, breakfast cereals – all these products are exposed to moisture, sun and foreign odors. Knowing all these aspects, our company guarantees technologically correct packaging for snacks.

The most important packaging criteria for this type of product are:

  • Protection the product from moisture, air, sunlight and other bacteria
  • Preserving the natural odor of the product and preserving its structure
  • Durability of the packaging
  • Prestigious appearance

Our company provides various options for combined (laminated) materials for snack packaging:

  • BOPP film (clear, pearl, matte, white)
  • Pet film (clear, matte, metallized)
  • PE film (clear, white)

Flexographic printing is a memorable way to present your product on store shelves. And ITAK’s facilities allow us to produce the most complex types of packaging.

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