Tea, coffee, spices

Tea, coffee and spices have recognizable and distinctive flavors that must be preserved and protected from environmental odors.

High barrier packaging for coffee, tea and spices preserves the taste and aroma of the packaged products and protects them from moisture and sunlight.

  • Barrier to light, gas, moisture;
  • Puncture resistance;
  • Preservation of flavor and aroma;
  • Attractiveness.
  • PET/Al/PE
  • BOPP/BOPPmet
  • PET/BOPPmet
  • PET/PE
  • PET/PETmet/PE
  • PET/Al/PE peel
  • BOPP/CPPmet

PE film: clear, white;
BOPP film: clear, pearl, matte, white;
PET film: clear, matte.