Seeds, fertilizers and soil substrates

Packaging for soil, peat and other soil substrates protects the contents from drying out due to the density and airtightness of the film.

Seed packaging made of film is tightly sealed and reliably protects against moisture and light, preventing premature germination.

It is enough to pack untreated seeds in transparent bags that allow you to see the contents.

Fertilizer packaging must be neutral to the chemical effects of aggressive environments and reliably protect against oxygen and light.

  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • Barrier properties to moisture, light and oxygen
  • Resistance to aggressive chemical environments
  • PET/PE
  • PE/PE
  • PET/PETmet/PE
  • PET/BOPPmet/PE
  • PET/Al/PE

PE film: transparent, white.
BOPP film: clear, pearl, matte, white, metallized.
PET film: transparent, matte, metallized.