Bread and bakery products

Packaging for bread and bakery products has a number of important properties.  The most important are tensile strength, antistatic and slip.  Tensile strength prevents the bag from breaking when the bread is loaded on the packaging line, and antistatic prevents the bag from “sticking” together, and the sliding ensures the opening of the bag and a high speed of movement along the conveyor.

Non-oriented polypropylene cast film has all the characteristics necessary for the smooth operation of packaging machines.

Cast film has high vapor permeability and will not fog up when hot bread is loaded, protecting the product from condensation, has high transparency and allows for colorful and attractive printing.

  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Antistatic effect
  • Good slip
  • Good steam permeability
  • High transparency
  • Low temperature heat sealability
  • CPP
  • BOPP

BOPP film: clear, pearl, matte, white.